milk butter production line,butter churn,cream butter churner

butter production line

butter production line

Make butter from cream


butter production line

A complete butter production line including milk reception system, cream seprator, thin cream pasteurizer, butter churner, butter molding machine & packing machine.

The cream can be supplied by a liquid milk dairy (surplus cream). From the intermediate storage tank the cream continues to pasteurisation at a temperature of 95 degree or higher. The high temperature is needed to destroy enzymes and micro-organisms that would impair the keeping quality of the butter. 

The heat treatment releases strongly anti oxygenic sulphhydryl compounds, which further reduce the risk of oxidation. Vacuum deaeration can also be included in the line if the cream has an undesirable flavour or aroma, e.g. onion taste. Any flavouring will be bound in the fat and transmitted to the butter unless removed. After this the cream is returned to the pasteuriser for further treatment – heating, holding and cooling – before proceeding to the ripening tank. In the ripening tank, the cream is subjected to a temperature program which will give the fat the required crystalline structure when it solidifies during cooling.

Flow chart

1)Milk reception 

2) Pre-heating and pasteurization of skim milk

3) Fat separation

4) Cream pasteurization

5) Vacuum deaeration, when used

6)Culture preparation, when used

7)Cream ripening and sourning, when used 

8)Temperature treatment

9)Churning/working, batch
10)Butter milk collection
11)Butter silo with screw conveyor



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