cheese cooker,cheese machine,cheese cooking machine,cheese press
  • cheese cooker,cheese machine,cheese cooking machine,cheese press
  • cheese cooker,cheese machine,cheese cooking machine,cheese press

industrial vacuum cheese melting cooking machine

We can offer from 50L to 350L

Semi automatic one and full automatic one.


Our cheese cooker uses steam directly or indirectly, with vacuum to process or cook your product. 
Every cooker is equipped with a few mixing/cutting blade options - sharp, wave or blunt. Each for different processing needs.
Variable speed capabilities for the mixing and blending caters to different application. For e.g, Mozzarella cheese will require
lower rpm and blunt knife to achieve the final texture and structure.
It also features a bowl side scraper moving in counter direction to the cutting blade. It not only brings product off the side wall, it
feeds it into a central vortex created by the counter directions.
Allowing the product to mix evenly. Heat is dispersed within the product evenly and thoroughly ensuring consistent product

temperature. The machine can be produced smear cheese or any pastry fillings. Put the raw materials or cheese block into pot then they are cooked 

by steam and cut, stired by high speed knife. The final product is formed as a paste when it is hot.

It consists of;

A pressure resistance pot with steam jacket;

Steam can direct jet into pot to heating and cooking the product in pot;

Vacuum pump and vacuum control system for sucking out moisture from product in pot; Automatic lifting and dumping funnel put in raw material device by hydraulic driver.

Pot dumped device by motor and gear box with brake block device, it is for put out the final product from pot ;

High speed and strong power knife, for cutting and stirring the raw material into fine grain, a paste form and uniformly mixed.

Low speed slicker on the top of cover driven by motor with gear box. Sealing cover and its lock device, they are driven by pneumatic device. Temperature control system 

to control the temperature in pot;

PLC and touch screen control system to order the machine running in program and set different programs for different products.


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