pasteurized milk processing plant,milk pasteurizer machine
  • pasteurized milk processing plant,milk pasteurizer machine
  • pasteurized milk processing plant,milk pasteurizer machine

Industrial automatic pasteurized milk processing line

The whole pasteurized milk production line consists of the following units:

1. Milk reception or powder dissolving mixing section
2. Mixing and sugar melting section
3. Pasteurizer and Homogenizer
4. Milk storage or Yogurt production unit
5. Filling and Packaging machine
6. CIP cleaning system
7. After treatment equipment, like converyor, package or pallet, etc.
8. There are other assistant equipment used such as steam boiler, air compressor, cold water unit, etc.
9. Installation materials for the processing pipes, utility pipeline as well as electrical installation are provided.


Introduction of pasteurized milk production line:

  The milk is processed by pasteurization with fresh milk as raw material. It is characterized by low temperature sterilization at about 72-85 ℃,

which can kill harmful bacteria in milk and preserve nutrients and pure taste.

   Raw materials can be milk, goat's milk, yak's milk, camel's milk, etc. after pasteurization and homogenization, they can be directly filled without any additives.  
Our advantages:
    1.We can customize packaging forms according to customer requirements, such as plastic ottles, glass bottles, plastic bags, roof boxes and so on.
    2.Can also customize the degree of automation and capacity according to customer requirements.


Our strengths:

*It can be designed according to the special requirements of users
*Multiple products can be produced on the same production line
*It can produce high quality products and keep nutrients
*Aromatic substances can be added and mixed precisely
*Extend the shelf life of products
*Large output and small loss
*Application of high technology to save energy consumption
*According to the customer's choice, we can provide a variety of drink configuration.
*Drink type, packaging type and automation degree can be matched at will according to customer requirements.
Milk cooling tank
It is used to store fresh milk at low temperature to ensure that the quality of fresh milk will not be damaged. The whole tank is made of food grade stainless steel and adopts imported refrigeration compressor. Different cooling tanks can be customized according to the severity of the environment.
Milk homogenizer
For dairy, homogenization of milk, soybean milk and other dairy drinks under high pressure can significantly refine the fat balls
in the dairy liquid, make the products easy to digest and absorb after eating, and improve the use value. After homogenization, the milk will not precipitate for a long time, better taste.
Plate pasteurizer
Food grade stainless steel, with heating jacket and liquid level gauge, with operating platform, can customize all kinds of mixing paddles and motors. It is mainly used for mixing juice, sugar and other additives, and for quantitative addition of water.
Finished milk tank
It is used to store finished milk. The whole tank is made of food grade stainless steel with insulation layer to prevent milk from heating up, ensure that the quality of sterilized milk is not affected, and can be used for flavor blending of flavor milk. Various functions can be customized according to requirements.
Filling ang packaging
The automatic filling and packaging line can customize a variety of filling lines and packaging equipment, such as plastic bottles, glass bottles, pouch and other packaging. Hot filling, cold filling can be customized. The whole filling process is controlled by computer program. We only need to set the parameters.



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