fruit vegetable powder production line,fruit powder dryer,vacuum dryer

fruit vegetable powder production line

To make instant fruit powder, the dryer is the key equipment.

There are three kind dryers used for it - spray dryer, freeze dryer and vacuum dryer.

The processing capacity is customized from 100 to 10000kg per hour.


fruit vegetable powder production line

It is customized project based on different raw material, drying technic, processing capacity and way of packing.

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This  fruit & vegetable powder production line, the production process is simple, easy to operate. The production strictly in accordance with international standards of manufacturing process, end products meet the requirements of food GMP health conditions. End products packaging form can be configured according to customer requirements.


Process Flow:

For whole powder: Fresh fruit & vegetable - Washing - Peeling - Slicing - Blanching – De-watering - Drying - Grinding - Sieving - Packaging.

For instant powder: Fresh fruit - washing - juicing - filtering  - concentration - sterilizing - drying - packing


Model List:

Raw material

 banana, dates, onion, garlic, chilli and other fruits & vegetables

End products

fruit & vegetable powder

Processing capacity


Drying methods

hot air drying / vacuum freeze drying / vacuum drying / spray drying

Terminal package

plastic bags, cans, bottles, etc.



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