fruit wine vinegar production line,fruit wine fermentation machine

fruit wine vinegar production line

Process: juice(choose by client)--enzyme alcohol fermentation -- --mixing - acetic acid fermentation-- --vinegar machine----mixing----filtration sterilization(choose by client) - packing(choose by client).  


fruit wine vinegar production line

It is customized line based on different raw material, processing capacity of way of packing.

The production line is suitable for processing apples, grapes, oranges, red bayberry and peach, and can produce various kinds of fruit wine drinks and fruit vinegar drinks. The production line is mainly composed of juice pretreatment equipment, seed tank, alcohol fermentation tank, Chen Niangguan, sterilizer, filter, fruit vinegar fermentation tank, filling machine and other equipment. 

The design concept of this production line is advanced and the degree. of automation is high. All the main equipment is made of high quality stainless steel, and it meets the hygienic requirements of food processing completely


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