beer brewing machine brewery equipment
beer brewing machine brewery equipment
beer brewing machine brewery equipment
beer brewing machine brewery equipment
  • beer brewing machine brewery equipment
  • beer brewing machine brewery equipment
  • beer brewing machine brewery equipment
  • beer brewing machine brewery equipment
  • beer brewing machine brewery equipment

Turnkey project Beer processing line

Most brewery installations in restaurants, bars, and hotels used microbreweries. MICET microbreweries are installing at the customer's company turn-key solution. Micet has reached cooperation with many breweries around the world. We can design and manufacture professional containers and systems for breweries, cellar equipment, and other complex breweries. Micet has decades of experience in beer brewing, manufacturing sanitary stainless steel systems, and integrated automation and control systems.



Beer production process

High quality 10hl 20hl 30hl beer brewing equipment microbrewery equipment for craft brewery

Best Sale 200L Craft Beer Micro Brewery Brewing System
Product Advantages
1. We can customize the equipment design as per customer brewing method and brewing beer types can make beer highest to 33 Plato. 
2. All Construction uses high-quality SUS 304 food-grade stainless steel, all pipes are SUS304, perfect 3mm inner shell and 2mm outer shell. 
3. All tanks are equipped with specially designed jackets to ensure heating and cooling efficiency. Both cone top and shell bottom have jackets, exchanging areas are big enough. 
4. The headspace of our tanks is much bigger, the total volume does not include the cover headspace. 
5. 100% TIG welding process to weld the tank, jackets welding are all full welding by water, uniform dimpled cooling jacket to ensure no leaking and long life, welds passivated! 
6. Our polishing is overall mirror polishing, polishing 6 times to make Ra 0.4um mirror finish, can clean 360° without dead ends. 
7. Jacket testing 12 hours with air and water, jacket testing pressure is 5Bar, internal shell testing pressure is 4Bar, and before packing we will also have 48hours of water testing. 
8. Strict quality control and process inspection & testing system, which all the testing records will show on our data late with the tanks shipping, with checking the list and serial numbers to track. 
9. We insist on a high-end product line to manufacture our tanks, all components like chiller, exchanger, steam boiler, and Schneider/ABB electronics control systems all adopt international brands to ensure quality and convenient after-sales.
Product Parameters
Area Request
Brew master
Interior Shell: SUS304; TH=3mm; Exterior Shell:SUS304; TH=2mm / red copper
Electric/Steam/Direct fire for optional
3 phase/380(220, 415,440...)v/50 (60)Hz

High quality 10hl 20hl 30hl beer brewing equipment microbrewery equipment for craft brewery

Brewery Equipment Configuration

Milling System
Malt Miller
100-200 kg/h
1 pc
Auger (option)
Ability is 100-150 kg/h
1 pc
Volume is 0.5m³, SUS 304 with pre-masher
1 pc
Brewhouse system
Mash Tun / Lauter Tank
Volume is 200L, with false bottom, grant, raker with motor
1 pc
Kettle / Whirlpool Tank
Volume is 200L, electric heating
1 pc
HLT Water Tank
Volume is 400L, electric heating
1 pc
Includes plate heat exchanger, wort pump, motors, hops filter, yeast adding tank, oxygen device and pipelines
Fermentation system
Volume is 200L or 400L (double batches)
6 pcs
BBT (option)
Volume is 200L or 400L (double batches)
2 pcs
Racking arm, spunding valve, pressure gauge, carbonation stone, sample valve
Cooling system
Glycol tank
Volume 200L or 400L
1 pc
Cold water tank (option)
Volume 4000L, cooled by glycol tank
1 pc
2HP, Copeland
1 pc
Cleaning system
50L two tanks, heated by electric, with pump and trolley
1 pc
Controlling system
Control cabinet
PLC touch screen or PID controller
1 pc

The main components of the 1000L 1500L 2000L commerical craft Beer Brewing Equipment Turnkey Project:


1. Grain milling unit

--Two rollers at different speeds for higher malt efficiency.

--Rollers spacing adjustable for various malt particle.

--Strong magnet to remove iron pieces when milling.

--Nylon and Chrome gear box for Noise Reduction.

--Flexible food grade PVC pipe, abrasion resistance.

--Shaftless spiral and semitransparent PVC pipe for easy and quick clean.


2. Brewhouse 

--Tanks, pipeline and accessories made of Stainless steel 304, TIG welded by automatic welding machine. Surface treated according to food grade, totally avoid the sanitary issues.

--Pumps manufactured by LYSF (Alfa Laval holding company), motors with UL/CSA/CE certification. 

--Sight glasses installed on pump outlet and lautering recirculation inlet, more convenient to observe the wort clarity in different process.

--Water blending station with WIKA thermometer for more accurate temperature controlling when feeding hot water.

--Glass wort grant as a buffer tank to promote lautering by gravity, protect the pump and MLT.

--Pipe angle filter installed before heat exchanger to prevent hot trub enter into.

--High efficient heat exchanger allow wort to be cooled in 30-40 minutes.

--Inline wort aeration station with sight glass and thermometer, wort can be cooled to the target temperature and clarity before fermentation.

--Yeast feeder which upgraded from beer kegs, no dead corner ensure the sanitary and easy cleaning.


3. Fermentation tanks and brite beer tanks

--Made of Stainless steel 304, TIG welded by automatic welding machine, the tanks’ quality according to GB/CE/PED/ASME standard.

--Interior polished to 0.2-0.4 μm to ensure no dead corner for bacteria hide in. Totally avoid the sanitary issues.

--Triangle-Arranged holes on glycol jacket for higher cooling efficiency.

--Separated cooling zones on side wall and cone for more accurate temperature control.

--All gasket made of EPDM which have a more durable use time.

--Completely SUS304 legs with strengthening braces to prevent tank deformation.

-- Heavy duty foot pads with adjustable ability, can be applied to uneven or slope ground.


4. Glycol chilling unit

--Consist of glycol water tank, chillers, glycol water pipeline.

--Have expanding ability, can support 10-12 sets fermenters/BBTs in the future.

--Self-controlled chiller with high/low pressure, over-tem, over-load, anti-freezing, over-flow etc. protection to ensure the stable of running.

--PPR and PEX glycol pipeline which is cost-effective and easy to install/modified.

--Thickening type Rubber foam Insulation for glycol pipeline for saving more cooling energy, reducing the load of chillers and extending the service life of chillers.


5. Controlling unit

--The electrical components are from world wide brand such as LS, Schneider, ABB, Omron, Delta and so on.Ensure the running stability and durability.

--Brewhouse pumps and motors are with VFD control, the liquid transferring and agitator/grainrake rotating speed can be adjusted.

--Temperature controller integrated on the control cabinet for each tank, so the tanks temperature can be automatic controlling/monitoring.

--The wires inside the control cabinet can meet different requirements of oversea market.


6. Portable CIP unit

--Two tanks can handle caustic/Acid liquid heating/mixing.

--Portable cart with wheels are movable, more flexible when cleaning tanks in different position.

--Temperature controller for automatic controlling of heating.

--Level control for caustic tank with alarm, avoid dry-burning when heating.

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Brewhouse System:
Fermentation System:

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