small fruit belt juicer press machine
  • small fruit belt juicer press machine
  • small fruit belt juicer press machine

Hot sale small fruit juicer belt juice pressing machine


The belt juicer is used to use two looped mesh belt to clamp the fruit paste and bypass the multistage diameter, and rely on the tension of the mesh belt to make the outer mesh belt around the press roll to produce pressure on the fruit paste sandwiched between the two mesh belts and squeeze out the juice. In order to overcome the shortcoming of low pressing force produced only by the tension of the mesh belt, a linear pressure roller is often added to the end of the roller and the pressure roller is combined. The fruit paste sandwiched in the middle of the two mesh belt is subjected to double pressure from the outer mesh belt and the pressure roller when the squeezing roller meshes with the pressure roller, which is more than the pressure only produced by the mesh tension. The strength of the press is several times higher. The juicer technology of the Genyond Juicer fully embodies the characteristics of the combined press rolling and pressing, that is, the rolling press with pressure, the pressing force to win the wide adaptability, the high yield of the juice and the low water content of the fruit residue.genyond 500kg/h small belt type apple juice extractor

In addition to the press of apples and grapes, this type of juicer can also be used to process materials with higher fiber content such as eucalyptus, apple pears and fresh ginger.

Capacity (kg/h)500kg per hour, 1000kg per hour
MaterialStainless steel SUS304 
Juice Yield75-83%
ApplicationFruit, vegetables, apple, pear, etc.
KeywordsGenyond 500kg/h small belt type apple juice extractor


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