Aseptic juice milk carton filling packing machine
  • Aseptic juice milk carton filling packing machine
  • Aseptic juice milk carton filling packing machine

Aseptic carton filling packing machine for drinks juice milk

This Aseptic liquid carton filling packing machine works as Tetra pak. The shelf life of packed juice or milk can reach 3-12 months. The shape and size of the carton is customized such as brick, diamond from 125ml to 1000ml.


Genyond series aseptic filling machine combines the advanced aseptic concept at home and abroad, and creatively uses the “triple sterility guarantee” technology to make all the indicators such as aseptic performance, production stability, and automation of the equipment reach the highly advanced technology.  Therefore, the device can be widely applied to the production of pure beverages such as pure milk, pure goat milk, soymilk, and vegetable protein beverages. This equipment adopts the integrated design of machine, electricity, and pneumatic, and has obtained 6 national patents. Compared with similar equipment, it has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, and so on. Use of international first-class brand control components, high degree of automation, easy to learn, low failure rate, the use of energy consumption is 1/3 of similar foreign products.

According to the shape and capacity of the product, this filling machine have 125ml, 200S (200ml slim type), 200B (200ml standard type), 250S (250ml slim type), 250B (250ml standard type), 200Z ( 200ml diamond carton with cap / with straw), 250D (250ml diamond carton with cap / with straw), 330D (330ml diamond carton with cap / with straw), 500D (500ml diamond carton with cap / with straw), 1000S (1000ml slim type), 1000D (1000ml ml diamond carton with cap).


2000-8000 cartons per hour

Filling range

125ml, 200ml, 250ml 330ml, 500ml, 1000ml

Package shape

Base, Slim, Prisma, Triangle

Shelf life

Ambient temperature, 6-12 months 

Package material

7 layer paper aluminum composite(PE/PAPER/PE/AL/PE/PE)

Electric power



380V 50Hz

Air Consumption

0.6-0.8m³/min 1.0Mpa










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