cup filling sealing machine
  • cup filling sealing machine
  • cup filling sealing machine

cup filling sealing machine

It is used for custom filling and sealing of cups, bowls, boxes, bottles, cans and other containers.

 Can be customized for packing ice cream, yogurt, milk, soymilk, chilli sauce, juice, honey, ketchup, mineral water and so on.

By changing dosing unit, it can also pack granule and powder packing machine


cup filling sealing machine

The Cup Filling and Sealing Machine is suitable for the filling and sealing of containers like plastic cup of bowl by filling yogurt etc.

Position Guiding Device used for film-cutting, so the cutting-edge is beautiful looking.

The machine is full automatic processing of Cup-feeding, Printer, Filling, sealing&cutting,covering, we also can add the cup washing function. 

It has equipment of sensors to ensure the right sealing of the foil-picture.


There are many models in this series Cup Filling and Sealing Machine able to satisfy with the different kinds of containers. The machine is all made of stainless steel. We also can make special ones according to customer’s requirement.

As the machine completed with date-code printer, coconut material filled.

Roll film and separate aluminum lid both  acceptable .




1# Automatic fallen cups one by one;
2# Automatic measure cup filling;
3# Automatic UV sterilization;
4# Automatic print dates (optional device);
5# Automatic twice sealing;
6# Automatic cutting foils;
7# Automatic recycle waste films;
8# Automatic pushing out finished cups;

(covering can be added)


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